Route Volunteers will be dropping off empty yellow bags (provided by the food banks) in a neighborhood of their choice (on first-come, first-served basis) in THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE (June 3rd - June 7th).

On the 2nd SATURDAY OF JUNE, the Route Volunteers will pickup the full bags from the same neighborhood. A vehicle is necessary for this position considering the number of bags to be delivered and picked up from each route.

Sorting Volunteers will be placed at either the Interfaith or Lethbridge Food Bank on the day of event (2nd SATURDAY OF JUNE).

Their job is to sort and weigh the food as it is dropped off from the Route Volunteers.



ATTN: Volunteers will be required to both deliver and pick-up yellow Target Hunger bags!


Each route number and map has different information, so be sure to read these instructions thoroughly. THANK YOU so much for all your efforts as a volunteer; your work is greatly appreciated!

Yellow Bag Delivery

  1. Write down and memorize your route number! You will need it if you lose your map.
  2. The bags you have are pre-counted for your specific route.
  3. Your route and the houses within are marked with a bolded line on the map provided. Street names are also displayed. Carefully stay inside the bolded line to ensure every house is included.
  4. Pick a start point and draw a route to minimize chances of missing a house.
  5. Place or hang 1 yellow bag at each property. Ensure the bag is secure and visible.
  6. Some neighborhoods may not be fully developed yet, but a few houses may be inhabited. Use your own discretion whether to leave a bag. If the house is occupied there may be cars outside, lawn decorations, plants on the windowsills, etc. Use your own discretion when distributing bags to less developed areas.
  7. Apartments and gated communities will not have yellow bag delivery.
  8. Your package should contain extra yellow bags. Return unused yellow bags to your assigned food bank (name & address provided on map).



  1. Pick-up of bags must start AFTER 10:30am and be FINISHED by 12:00p.m on Saturday, June 9th. This is to ensure all donors have time to put their bags outside the door for pick up.
  2. Sometimes donors will place bags out of sight from the street to protect them from wind or weather. Ensure you collect a bag from each property unless you cannot find one. Please DO NOT knock or ring the doorbell.
  3. Load bags strategically according to weather (rain, wind etc.) to ensure original food quality. In case of poor weather, load inside your vehicle or cover (i.e. tarp).
  4. After you have a load, deliver to your ASSIGNED FOOD BANK (name & address provided on map). It is important to go to the listed food bank and follow on-site volunteer instructions once you arrive there.

Common Issues

  1. Routes vary in size – if you need to, feel free to recruit other volunteers to assist you with bag distribution and pickup. Target Hunger is all about engaging our community, invite friends, neighbors and others to help out!
  2. Some residencies have more than 1 suite and may have an inaccessible door behind a fence, or through a building. DO NOT leave extra bags at these places.
  3. Respect No Soliciting signs. If you find a property with a no soliciting sign, please DO NOT leave a yellow bag on their property.
  4. Properties with dogs may be intimidating to approach, leave a bag at the front if possible; consider your safety first.
  5. If you lose your map, write down the last house you delivered a yellow bag to and contact your assigned food bank or email with your route number ready for a replacement map.
  6. Each route will vary in size, number of participating households, and food bank assignment. Please adhere to route instructions to aid in equitable distribution for food banks.
  7. If you are to have an issue with the map provided, contact your food banks or with details of concerns.



Interfaith Food Bank

1103 3 Ave N., Lethbridge, AB


  Lethbridge Food Bank

1016 2 Ave. S., Lethbridge, AB