We are phasing out of the yellow bags to reduce single-plastic use! Volunteers are now only required to PICK-UP donations from their route!

Each route number and map has different information, so be sure to read these instructions thoroughly. THANK YOU so much for all your efforts as a volunteer; your work is greatly appreciated!



  1. Pick-up of donations must start AFTER 10:00 a.m. and be FINISHED by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 13th. This is to ensure all donors have time to put their donations outside of their door for pick up.
  2. Sometimes donors will place items out of sight from the street to protect them from wind or weather. Ensure you collect donations from each property unless you cannot find one. Please DO NOT knock or ring the doorbell.
  3. Load donations strategically according to weather (rain, wind etc.) to ensure original food quality. In case of poor weather, load inside your vehicle or cover (i.e. tarp).
  4. After you have a load, deliver to your ASSIGNED FOOD BANK (name & address provided on map). It is important to go to the listed food bank and follow on-site volunteer instructions once you arrive there.


Common Issues

  1. Routes vary in size – if you need to, feel free to recruit other volunteers to assist you with donation pickup. Target Hunger is all about engaging our community, invite friends, neighbors and others to help out!
  2. Each route will vary in size, number of participating households, and food bank assignment. Please adhere to route instructions to aid in equitable distribution for food banks.
  3. If you are to have an issue with the map provided, contact your food banks or with details of concerns.