Our Mission is to Support people with access to food and community resources.

We provide our clients with one hamper per month and supplements of bread and produce twice weekly.

In addition to providing the immediate need of food for our clients, Lethbridge Food Bank provides programs to support our community:

  • Birthday bundles-  assisting parents with their children's birthday necessities
  • Tax Clinic- providing clients with the resource of filing their taxes for free.
  • Our amazing School Lunch program for our children and youth called “Mindful Munchies”. During the fall of 2017, The Lethbridge Food Bank, in partnership with My City Care, began the Mindful Munchies program, providing students in need nutritional food items to enhance their future success. To date, over 32 schools/agencies in our city have signed up to our lunch program.
  • During the Pandemic we have had to make our Mindful Muchies MOBILE by delivering to families in a Home Schooling situation.
  • We continue to partner with agencies in Lethbridge and surrounding areas with an Agency Food Share program sharing over 116,000 lbs of food in 2020.

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For more information visit www.lethbridgefoodbank.ca